Latest Version Pokemon Go Hack to Play without Moving/Walking [No Root/Android]

Have you installed the latest version of Pokemon Go (0.67.2) on your Android device and want to move anywhere without actually moving around? Yes, it can be done without need of rooting Android device.Pokemon Go Hack to Play without Moving:Walking

Pokemon Go Hacks without Root

When Pokemon Go was first released for Android devices, people liked it very much. However, gamers like me were very anxious to get all Pokemons. But due to laziness, they wanted to get all of them without actually moving a bit. This was only possible by hacking Pokemon Go gps or location.

Many tweaks and hacks were released for both Android and iOS versions of Pokemon Go that allowed gamers to move to any location without any actual movement. However, soon developers of Pokemon Go found this.

In response to that, they updated their app which fixed the exploit these hacks were using. Since then, there is war between Pokemon Go developers and these hacks developers.

Method to Play Pokemon Go on Android without Moving/Walking, No Root

Earlier, we covered about Pokemon Go 0.67.1 hack for Android devices. Luckily, now users can download and install these hacks without need of rooting their Android devices.

This latest hack, also known as PokeGo++ is advanced one that has all the previous hacks like flyGPS etc inside it. It is like swiss army knife of Pokemon Go. By installing this on your Android device, you can play Pokemon Go latest version as per your requirement. This include moving to any location as per your will without actually moving around the busy streets.

Similarly, you can have as much as balls as you want to catch all the new Pokemons. Once you reach the level 50, you can also get Magearna in Pokemon Go using its QR code. Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

So what are you waiting for. Simply install this amazing Pokemon Go working latest hack and enjoy all the benefits from your chair.

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