How to Uninstall Reshade from PUBG in Windows

DrDisrespect PUBG Settings

PUBG is the most popular game on Steam. It is based on battle royale mode where players compete with each other until only one survives. If you want to uninstall Reshade from PlayersUnknown’s Battleground in Windows, then follow this tutorial.

How to fix COM Surrogate Has Stopped Working in Windows 10

COM Surrogate Has Stopped Working

If you often watch videos and pictures on your computer, you might have noticed this error that reads “COM Surrogate Has Stopped Working“. Methods to Fix¬†COM Surrogate Has Stopped Working in Windows 10 This error is not very common but can be fixed easily. Follow the steps given below to fix this error on Windows

Fix File System Errors with Check Disk Utility in Windows 10

Turn Off DEP Windows 10

Check Disk Utility can help you in recovering a lot of performance or system related issues. It can be used in Windows 7, 8 and 10. It scans the partitions of the drives and fixes its errors. It gets rids of corrupted files and improves the PC’s performance.