[Pokemon Go 1.27.4/0.57.4 Gen 2] Fix Failed to Detect Location Error/Fly GPS Not Found Hack

After updating to version 0.57.4, users are facing different GPS and location based issues. Do not worry as this workaround will help you fix Pokemon Go failed to detect location and GPS signal not found working error on both Android and iOS devices.

Fix Fly GPS Failed to Detect Location

Pokemon Go GPS/Location Error in Android/iOS

Because of its high popularity, developers release regular updates for the game. This is to keep it updated and add new features. Recently Niantic updated it to version 1.27.4 for iOS and 0.57.4 for Android.

Since the game augmented reality based, user find it very difficult. In case you cannot walk around your city just to catch Pokemons, there is good news.

Hacked Pokemon Go 0.57.4 version APK is already released. By installing hacked Pokemon Go apk, you can spoof the GPS and travel to any location without moving. This way, you can catch Pikachu or any other Pokemon from the comfort of your bed.

Guide to Fix Fly GPS Failed to Detect Location/GPS Signals Issue

Some users are experiencing errors like GPS signals not found or failed to detect location after installing the hacked Pokemon Go 0.57.4 version. There are different methods to fix this error.

Fix # 01: Check Location Settings

Sometimes mobile automatically turn of the Location based services to preserve battery life. In order to check it and re-activate it, follow the steps below:

  1. Launch Settings app on your Android device.
  2. Go to Location settings.
  3. Check for it and activate it if it is turned off.

Fix # 02: Set GPS Accuracy

If above method does not work for you, the issue might be with GPS priority settings. As already mentioned, with hacked Pokemon Go APK installed, you are actually spoofing the GPS. So make sure the GPS is set to high accuracy for the game. For that, launch the settings app and under Fly GPS settings, set the accuracy to high.

These few methods will help you fix all kind of GPS not found, or Fly GPS failed to detect errors in Pokemon Go 0.57.4 version. In case the problem persists, re-install the game.

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