Best Free Download Managers or IDM Alternatives for Windows 10 and 8

It is a digital era, whereby almost all the population has access to the internet. In this case, a major concern is on the files to be downloaded from the different platforms within the internet. Files can range from documents, music, movies and other related entities.

How to Download Prisma for Windows 8/8.1 and 10

Prisma app is a free photo editing app that has become one of the most popular apps in app stores. The revolutionary photo app comes with simple and user-friendly interface and employs powerful editing tools which edits photos to users requirements. Apart from that, Prisma also has incredible filters that make it an amazing application for photo-editing.

How to Easily Fix The User Profile Services Failed The Sign-in Windows 8.1/10

Windows 10 is latest piece of innovation from software giant known as Microsoft. With improved user-interface, tons of new features, improvement in speed and security, Windows 10 has already received lot of positive reviews from Tech enthusiasts.

How to Fix “this app cannot open” Error in Windows 10

A common issue that people face while using Windows 10 is ‘this app cannot open’. This issue may have a couple of solutions but there is an easy fix that will work for all of us. Most people faces this error when they first shift to windows 10.