Install Nintendo 3DS Emulator for Windows 8/10 PC or Laptop

Nintendo 3DS Emulator for Windows

Nowadays, lot of amazing games are Nintendo 3DS games. You can enjoy these games on Android and iOS devices using different apps. However, what about playing them on Windows powered PC or laptop? Nintendo 3DS Emulator for Windows PC will allow you do this job.

What is MeituPic App? Download for Windows PC

MeituPic App for Windows PC

Selfies are norm nowadays. If you are social media addict, you would have noticed that lot of the newsfeed of Facebook is full of selfies of friends. People want to look good in selfies, specially girls. For this purpose, they use lot of apps to enhance their selfies, whiten themselves etc.

Easily Bypass Jailbreak Detection in Super Mario Run on iPhone

Bypass Jailbreak Detection Super Mario Run

Want to Play Super Mario Run on your jailbroken iPhone 6S, 7 or iPad? Here’s easy to understand guide on how to bypass jailbreak detection with tsProtector.

Download Doulci Activator to DNS Bypass iCloud Activation in iOS 12 on iPhone 5, 6S, Plus and 7

Download Doulci Activator to Bypass iCloud Activation

Easily bypass or remove iCloud activation lock using Doulci Activator for free on iPhone 5, 5S, 6 Plus, 6S and 7 running on iOS 12.

Search in Registry Editor in Windows 10 Build 14942

Microsoft has updated Windows a few times in past years, with changes that weren’t minor ones, rather major updates. Apart from customizing the main user interface, Windows got an overall user interface change, from start button to metro UI. If everything is checked in detail, we would get to know that almost all the stock Windows apps have somehow got their share of updates except for one.