2 Methods to Access Disk Management Utility in Windows 10

Disk Management is one of the powerful built-in utility of windows using which you can perform various function like changing the letter of your driver, which is assigned by default from disk management when it is created.

3 Methods to Fix Issue of HDMI Port Connectivity Errors in Windows 10

Are you suffering from HDMI port issues on your Windows 10 laptop like display is not shown when connecting to projector/external monitor? Worry not, as we have covered 3 methods to help you solve HDMI connectivity issue on your Windows 10 computer.

Tutorial on How To Fix USB Driver Issues in Windows

If you are facing any issue related to USB drivers, then the main reason behind this issue corresponds to the driver which might not be properly installed on your computer. You need to fix this issue by installing the compatible or updated drivers. Learn how!

Tutorial On How To Deal With Windows 10 Creator Update Brightness Issues

windows icon

Windows 10 Creator Update is one of the recent update of windows 10, users of windows 10 who have updated their windows 10 to creator update are facing problem related to brightness. Some users have reported that when they make changes to brightness of their computer display, the changes itself set to default, when they reboot their computer.

How to Configure PUBG Mobile for Better FPS Rate on Android Devices

DrDisrespect PUBG Settings

In this quick tutorial article, we’ll show you how to configure PUBG Mobile for a better FPS rate on your Android device.