Tutorial On How To Manually Change The IP Address in Windows 10

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IP Address is the unique numeric number that assigned to the computer by the router. Every computer has a unique IP Address which is dynamic and changes automatically whenever you restart the router.

Guide To Disable Syncing in Google Chrome

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Google chrome is a popular web browser that facilitates its users to some extra-ordinary extent. But when it comes to privacy, then you need to change its settings according to your requirements. As the default settings of google chrome include the search history visible in the form of cache memory.

Simple Methods To Disable IPv6 internet protocol version 6

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When you are in discussion about internet background, then you will come to know about internet protocol versions. Every device connected to internet has its own IP address through which it can be accessed. Therefore internet protocol handle packets of data to send or receive to its desired address.

Guide To Fix Winload.EFI Error in Windows

There are different kinds of errors that occurs in windows and every error cause different problem to system. One of the error is Winload.EFI error. This error is caused due to several reasons which might be corrupted boot files or incorrect boot configuration.

Guide To Fix Issue Internet Explorer Has Stopped Working Errors

Internet Explorer was the first browser that was released by Microsoft. It is also used by many users still now. Many users have reported while trying to launch the Internet Explorer, they cannot access to webpage as the Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage.