Download Guns of Boom for Windows PC

Guns of Boom for Pc

When it comes to multiplayer shooters, Guns of Boom for PC is really an exceptional game. Reviews suggest that the players of this game are very skilled which makes it even more enjoyable. Guns of Boom offers a lot of maps and weapons that will help you enjoy Windows 10.

Fix “Unable to connect to NVIDIA. Try again later” error in Windows 10

Fix Unable to connect to NVIDIA. Try again later

Nvidia, a famous name among gamers is offering an all-in-one solution for changing GPU settings, taking screenshots inside games as well as recording videos. Known as Nvidia Geforce Experience, this really awesome application is available for free for Windows 8 and 10 with support for compatible GPUs.

Download Dolphin Browser Desktop Mode for PC

Dolphin Browser PC

Dolphin Browser is an amazing browser both in terms of speed and safety. Dolphin Browser comes with a lot of utilities like Ad-block and Adobe flash player. These will help you in avoiding annoying ads and also allow you to get a great gaming experience.

Install VPN Master on Windows Laptop/PC

VPN Master

VPN Master allows its users to unblock a wide range of sites for free. Usage with unlimited bandwidth, big choice of countries to choose from and complete privacy are some of its features.

Fix Wsappx High CPU Usage Issue in Windows 8/10

Wsappx High CPU Usage

Wsappx or Wservice in Windows is responsible for keeping a thorough eye on all the installed apps and their versions. Sometimes, this is responsible for high CPU usage.