Download Conqueror’s Blade Game for PC and Mac


At E3 2017, NetEase showcased a fantastic game titled Conqueror’s Blade. It is a strategy game. This game has a very different gameplay and also features large-scale wars, so its truly a worthwhile experience to play it on PC/Mac.

Conqueror’s Blade is a unique styled RPG that tests the player’s skills. Players have to adapt to this game. There are 7 factions in this game each having different weapons and abilities from each other. The players have to choose one of these and take control of their army.


Conquerors Blade

One thing we like about this game is the community around it. The developers are continually releasing updates to the game. They also use social media to to build interest and enthusiasm and camaraderie in the community as well.


Overall, this is a fun and high quality game to play for so many reasons. We think you’ll like it.

How to Install Conqueror’s Blade Game for PC and Mac

Download Conquerors Blade Game for PC and Mac

To install Conqueror’s Blade Game for PC and Mac, you need to follow the below steps:


  • First of all download Bluestacks latest version. It is one of the best Android emulator available for Windows.
  • Download Conqueror’s Blade Game apk and place it on your desktop.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed, drag and drop the apk inside Bluestacks and install it.

Conqueror’s Blade for PC Windows is much like Stronghold Crusader. The key to winning in this game is adaptation. Every time the player has to analyze his mistakes and come up with new plans to defeat the enemy.


It now appears that there is increased availability to play Conqueror’s Blade for PC without the assistance of an emulator. If you check out the CB website: you should find an option to download a version of the game for desktop computers.

If you follow this website you know that we love emulators, but the performance with an emulator can’t beat the ability to play the game directly without one.

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