Download Google Chrome 69 Offline installer For Windows


The new version of Google Chrome 69 is availabe now and its awesome. It was released with a lot of modifications in it. The latest version of chrome focus on speed. It was launched with a beautiful User interface. The design is completely different from previous version.

Download chrome 69 Offline installer for windows 10


Smart Answer feature in Google Chrome:

Chrome introduce new features in its latest version. It has worked a lot on almost every category outside the box. Chrome has a strong grasp on artificial intelligence in its latest version. One of these outstanding feature include Smart answer feature.

While using Chrome 69 browser, you can easily get information about specific search without opening a webpage. The smart answer feature of chrome 69 will answer you to specific search in real-time. For example, if you search for any city weather. You will get you answer in real-time without entering or opening the webpage.


AV1 Video Decoder:

Google Chrome comes with AV1 Video Decoder. The purpose of AV1 Video Decoder revamp the compression of video steaming upto 25-30% which cause the improvement of bandwith usage.

Chrome New Tab Personalization:

With Chrome 69, you can personalize new tab with different options available in chrome personalization. You can use the new tab for quick bookmarks. you can also change the tab background.

Chrome 69 Remove HTTP and HTTPS Display:

If a website is using SSL/HTTPS, Chrome 69 shows a lock sign in the address bar and if a website is using HTTP, it will be labeled as secure.


Strong Password suggestion tool in Chrome 69:

Chrome 69 include the feature called strong password suggestion tool, this feature suggest you a strong complex password. when you use this tool, the password suggested by this tool will be automatically saved to the password manager.

The best of this tool is that the newly created password is synchronized across multiple devices through which user can logged on with the same google accounts.

Chrome 69 Picture-in-picture mode:

Chrome 69 also include picture-in-picture mode, where user can play videos while working or browsing website. The video appears in a small overlay at the bottom. To enable the picture-in-picture mode, follow the below commands.

  • chrome://flags/#enable-picture-in-picture
  • Enable the picture mode.
  • chrome://flags/#enable-surface-for-videos
  • Enable the surface layer objects for videos
  • Restart the browser to make changes and whenever you want to use picture-in-picture mode, just double right click on the video and select picture-in-picture mode.

Download Chrome 69 Offline installer for Windows:

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