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Download Latest Xiaomi PC Suite for Windows Version (English)


Xiaomi, also known as Apple of China, is one of the most widely known electronics brands in the world.


First it started as smartphone brand only, but latest it has shifted its focus towards home electronics and other stuff too. The company is now making earphones, smartwatches, vacuum cleaners, toothbrushes, lamps, sensor night lights, scooters, security cameras, speakers, power banks, air purifiers, and a body composition scale, among others.

Xiaomi has lot of great smartphones that falls in mid budget range and due to this reason, it is very popular in China and Asian countries.


Also known as Mi, the company has produced an amazing piece of software to control or sync its all devices with PC. It is known as Xiaomi PC Suite.

Xiaomi PC Suite (English) is the official Mi software for Windows. It is basically just like iTunes for iOS devices. With Mi PC Suite, users can take backup of their phone data, transfer the photos to their PC, perform software update and many other functions. It is compatible with almost all versions of Windows from Windows 7 onward.

Recently the company has updated their PC Suite for Windows, making it version This comes with many bug fixes as well as new features.


Key Features of Xiaomi PC Suite Version (English Version)

Download Xiaomi PC Suite Version

Download the latest English version of Mi PC Suite for your Windows from official Xiaomi web. It is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows.

Check back at the Xiaomi website regularly to get the most up to date version of the PC Suite, as well as tutorials and other notes to help you make the most of the Xiaomi PC Suite.

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