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Download Minion Shooter for Windows


Looking to download Minion Shooter for Windows? In this quick article, we’ll show you how you can get started playing this popular game on your desktop computer with the assistance of an android emulator.


Minion Shooter

Minion Shooter has a very unique concept when it comes to FPS games. Creative logics have put a lot of effort into making this game unique. There are almost 100 levels, each uniquely designed. The graphics and detail is so beautiful that you wont feel the need to blink while playing this game. Fast-paced gameplay and intriguing level design make this game a masterpiece. This game is free to play.


There are many epic bosses to keep you attached to this game. The interface is pretty simple. Controls are a relief. When it comes to the level design, it is amazing. It’s featured with dynamic weather system. The gameplay is pretty much simple. Kill everything that moves. You just need to get everything alive in your cross-hairs. Be sure to collect as much coins as you like. These coins will help you to upgrade your weapons.

Minion Shooter has a well-deserved rating of 4.7 on Playstore. Its downloads number exceeds 50,000. If you are a fan of FPS shooter games, this game is a must try.

How to install Minion Shooter for Windows

In this guide we will show you how to play Minion Shooter for PC.


To play Minion Shooter for PC, you need to download the apk file for this game. Then you have to select this apk file from the Bluestacks and you are good to go.

Wrap Up

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