Download Mystery Island Blast Adventure for PC and Mac


Pacific Enterprises have developed a fantastic puzzle game titled, Mystery Island Blast Adventure. The developers have worked hard to deliver a game with a fantastic map with stunning visuals. This game has a great and thrilling story. Mystery Island Blast Adventure has scored 4.7 on the Playstore.

Mystery Island Blast Adventure


This game takes you to an island that is both beautiful and haunted at the same time. The people of this island want your help on investigating the creatures that have haunted this place. As you travel around the island, you will find various buildings and monuments in their broken state. You have the freedom to repair these building in any way you want. There are a lot of challenging levels in this game. You will make friends as you progress in this game making the experience more enjoyable. This game is a must play if you love puzzle games.

How to install Mystery Island Blast Adventure for Windows

In this guide we will show you how to play Mystery Island Blast Adventure for PC.


To play Mystery Island Blast Adventure for PC, you need to download the apk file for this game. Then you have to select this apk file from the Bluestacks and you are good to go.

Mystery Island Blast Adventure lets you explore its world completely. The map also contains secret places. There are over a hundred levels in this game.

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