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Many users nowadays want a free and a fast way to experience Android/iOS on their Windows. These softwares are called emulators. There are many Android emulators to get this job done. But if you consider both the efficiency and the RAM consumption, Nox App Player is your best option. You can get this app from here.

Nox App Player


The interface of Nox App Player is pretty much user-friendly. It allows a lot of options in a single place. The ram consumption of this app is not high. This gives you a great advantage while gaming. Many users prefer playing games on their PC’s. Nox App Player is a free emulator that brings the ultimate Android experience to your PC’s.

We do recommend that you consult with the system requirements before you install any emulator. Emulators make it possible to use android and iOS apps on your desktop computers by imitating the android/iOS systems on the desktop computer. The emulator has to imitate both any required hardware or software the app needs to be able to be used.


As the result, emulators work very hard and can pull really hard on your system resources. Systems which are older or do not have much memory available will probably struggle to deliver a good use experience to you. If you have an older system, the emulator might lag a lot while working to translate everything.

How to Install Nox App Player for Windows

  1. First of all, you will have to download the software via the link given above.
  2. Once you have downloaded the file, install it.
  3. Follow some simple steps and you are good to go.

Nox App Player lets you take advantage of Android apps and also lets you play games on your PC’s. If you are looking for an Android emulator, Nox App Player is the best option for you.


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