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Download NVSIP for PC Windows 8/10 and Mac


Nowadays every user wants the ability to access all of their files, devices, and information remotely to manage their activities. NVSIP for Windows PC is the best app which contain many extraordinary features like controlling your webcam or camera and switch it to surveillance camera.

NVSIP offers you many opportunities such as setting up different devices at same time. It also includes a function which allows you to stream live video through a camera.


It also allow users to save videos to phone memory. It also has the quality to transform old devices into a surveillance system.


Install NVSIP on PC Windows 8/10 and Mac

In order to download and install NVSIP for Windows PC, one has to follow a set of instructions which are posted below:

  1. First of all download Bluestacks latest version. It is one of the best Android emulators available for Windows.
  2. Download NVSIP for PC apk and place it on your desktop.
  3. Once Bluestacks is installed, drag and drop the apk inside bluestacks and install it.
  4. Now launch NVSIP.

As noted, Bluestacks is an android emulator. An emulator is a little-known piece of software usually free) which helps a desktop computer with a Windows or Mac) operating system imitate the operating system of an android device. While the emulator pulls heavily on your system performance because it is translating so much code and finding ways for your computer to run the program without the original hardware in the android system), for the user there is very little to do besides installing the emulator and then launching the game or app inside the interface.



NVSIP is known for many features such as it has video playback through which the users can watch all video clips.

You can play with your camera through different functions with this app. The internet connection is must for using NVSIP app for PC and Mac.

Have you tried NVSIP? What do you think of the app? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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