Download Ommy Emoji for Windows 7/8/8.1/10


Ommy Emoji is the leading app out there that takes your expressions into account so that you can make any type of emojis you love. This means you can capture your own expressions and transform them into emojis.

Emojis Apps Inc. have put forward their unique concept in the shape of this app and so far it has been loved by many. It has been download 5,000,000 times and has an overall rating of 4.3 on Playstore.


Ommy Emoji

The UI of this app is pretty simple. It is pretty much user-friendly. This app has an extremely intelligent AI. Once you’ve created your own emojis, you still have a wide range of options to edit these in any way you want.


You can share your masterpiece with your friends through social media. If you are a PC user and want to use this app, worry not. We’ve got your back. We’ve provided simple tutorial below in order to do that.

How to install Ommy Emoji for PC

In this guide we will show you how to play Ommy Emoji for PC.

To play Ommy Emoji for PC, you need to download the apk file for this game. Then you have to select this apk file from the Bluestacks and you are good to go.


Bluestacks is an android emulator. It imitates the operating system that Ommy Emoji needs so that you can use the app on your desktop or laptop computer. Best of all, Bluestacks is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers, so you are not limited due to the type of computer you have. Bluestacks is free to download and use, and in our opinion, it is not too technical to set up or use.

Ommy Emoji for Windows has received positive reviews worldwide. If you frequently use social media, this app is a must try for you.

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