Download Plants vs Zombies 2 for PC Windows and Mac


Plants vs Zombies was a huge success when it released back in 2009. In 2013, this game got an amazing sequel. Plants vs Zombies 2 is much like its predecessor but it comes with a lot of changes as well.

This game has won many great awards. Plants vs Zombies 2 comes with more than 10 different locations and an advanced leveling system that keeps the players glued to their devices.


Plants vs Zombies 2

In this game, you will experience the zombies dangerous than ever. Players will have the chance to play variety of mini games as well. A lot of attention is given to side quests in this game. The gameplay of Plants vs Zombies 2 for Windows is simple.


How to Install Plants vs Zombies 2 for PC

In this guide we will show you how to play Plants vs Zombies 2 for PC.

Plants vs Zombies 2 for PC

To play Plants vs Zombies 2 for PC, you need to download the apk file for this game. Then you have to select this apk file from the Bluestacks and you are good to go.


You have to fight the waves of zombies by planting different kinds of plants, so strategy becomes important here. Bosses are also included in this waves. As the players progress, they will be rewarded with powerful plants.

Plants vs Zombies 2 has been download a 100 million times and has a well deserved rating of 4.4 on PlayStore.

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