How to Catch Party Hat Pikachu and Raichu


Earlier, 27th February was announced as Pokemon Day along with release of version 1.27.3/0.57.3 for iOS and Android devices. It was the day when first Pokemon game was released.

To celebrate this, Niantic announced that they will bring new festive hat Pikachu. But bad news is that this party hat wearing Pikachu is just for limited time.


Party Hat Pikachu and Raichu

Party Party Hat Pikachu & Raichu

The Pokemon day event will be from 27th February till 6th of March. So Pokemon Go users need to make sure they catch it before the event concludes.


Lot of gamers were expecting this new festive hat or party hat wearing Pikachu and Raichu to have some additional powers like increased CP or spawn rate. In fact, until now, it seems that party Hat Pikachu do not have any additional advantages other than a hat.

How to Catch Festive Hat or Party Hat Pikachu and Raichu

Party Hat Pikachu

As mentioned before, the perk of this Pokemon day is Pikachu wearing a hat. This new Pokemon is not as common as other special Pokemons. Here are some tips to help you catch party hat Pikachu.


Tip # 01: Track

The best method to catch this special Pokemon is to track it. For that, tap on nearby tab on your phone. Select the Pokemon you want to track and then tap on footprints icon.

Tip # 02: Drop Lures

If above tip is too hard, simply walk your way to Pokestop and drop your lure. Hopefully Pikachu will come to that place.

Party Hat Raichu

Looking to have Raichu wearing party hat in your inventory? Good news! You can have it. Though Niantic only announced party hat wearing Pikachu, but you can also have party hat Raichu too.

By default you cannot find party hat wearing Raichu anywhere. However, if you have caught party hat Pikachu, you can evolve it to Raichu. The result product will be festive hat wearing Raichu. To do that, follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure you have atleast 50 candies.
  2. Tap on the Pokemon Go icon at bottom.
  3. Now tap on the holiday Pikachu which you want to evolve.

Once it is evolved, you will be surprised by the end result.

Wrap Up

Stay tuned with us for more updates and tips on Pokemon Go gen 2. Meanwhile, if try out Pokemon Go hack on Android and iOS to get advanced features unlocked.

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