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Tutorial To Enable VoLTE on Xiaomi Devices Through Simple Methods

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VoLTE is the abbreviation standing for Voice-Over-Long-Term-Evolution. Nowadays, every new smartphone is VoLTE supported. VoLTE manages the best quality voice and video calls with faster speed. But in some countries, due to technical issues, users are not able to enable VoLTE. Because this feature is disabled in some countries.

VoLTE is the standard for high-speed wireless communication for data terminals and mobile phones. Historically, carriers have not used VoLTE, using LTE instead. It is for this reason that users could never use both voice and data at the same time (can’t surf the internet to look up something while also talking with someone on the phone). With VoLTE, you could now do both at the same time, which is one of many reasons this is a sought after functionality.


Users of xiaomi devices, who are going through this problem should simply follow this article in order to resolve this issue. Don’t worry, we will guide you through simple methods how to enable VoLTE on xiaomi devices.


Methods To Enable VoLTE on Xiaomi devices using USSD Code:

Methods To Enable VoLTE on Xiaomi devices SQLite Editor:

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