Guide To Fix Bluetooth Missing in Windows 10


Users of windows 10 reported that they are unable to find the “Bluetooth” in settings. In this tutorial, we will guide how to fix this issue. But the important pre-requisite to this problem is to check that your computer include Bluetooth hardware. If yes, then there is a problem in windows configuration and you might proceed with below methods carefully in order to fix this issue.


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Methods To Fix Bluetooth Missing Issue

Follow the below steps carefully:


Guide To Fix Bluetooth Missing in Windows 10

Step 1: Booting into Safe Mode & Back To Normal Mode

1. Simultaneously press and hold windows + R key to open run dialogue box. Type in the “msconfig” and then press “Ok”.

2. Click on the “boot tab” and then check the option “Safe Mode” and press “Ok”. It will ask you to “restart” your computer. Just click on “restart” button.


3. Now, your computer will be boot into safe mode. The drivers should be installed automatically.

4. Then again open the “System configuration” by typing the “msconfig” in the run dialogue box. Uncheck the option “Safe Mode” and then press “Ok”. Restart your computer and it will boot into normal mode.

5. Check the problem is solved or not.

Step 2: How To Check The Bluetooth Service

1. Open the Run dialogue box by pressing windows + R key. Type in the “services.msc” and hit enter.

2. In services window, locate the “Bluetooth Support Service” and then double click on it to open its properties. Also there might be other services related to Bluetooth. You need to make changes to all.

3. Change the “start-up type” option to “Automatic” and then click on “Start” button to start the process. Click on “Apply” button to make changes.

4. To check the changes you have made, simply press windows + I button to open settings and then click on “Devices” option. Here you can find the “Bluetooth settings”.

Step 3: How To Install The Default Drivers

1. Open The Run dialogue box by pressing windows+R key and then type in “devmgmt.msc” and press enter.

2. In device manager window, locate the “Bluetooth” option and right click on it to expand. Your Bluetooth hardware will be listed here. Simply right click on it to “uninstall” it. The Bluetooth Device will be successfully remove.

3. Then all you need is to right click anywhere in the white space in device manager window, choose the option “scan for hardware changes”. This will automatically scan for the hardware and when reach to “bluetooth” option.   It will install the default “bluetooth” drivers.

4. After that, click on the “bluetooth” option to check the drivers was successfully installed.

5. Check the option is back in “settings” or not. If not, then restart your computer and check again. Sometimes, the drivers are not compatible, then you need to update the drivers by just right clicking on the options and select “update drivers”.

6. Also make sure that the device is enabled.

Step 4: How To Enable Bluetooth on Taskbar

1. Simultaneously press windows+S and then type in “Bluetooth” and double click on it to open.

2. Then select the option “more Bluetooth options” located at the left side of the screen.

3. After that, the “bluetooth settings” window will open. Here, you need to check the option “Show the bluetooth icon in notification area”.

4. To access the “bluetooth” icon on taskbar, press on the arrow key located on taskbar and there you will see the “Bluetooth icon”.

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