Fix csrss.exe Trojan Malware Running in Windows Task Manager


Csrss is short for Client/Server Run-Time Subsystem. This file is essential for proper functioning of Windows, However when it is affected it may cause some serious issues.

Do not confuse it with a virus or trojan or malware. However, if you see it in processes windows of the Task manager, it is because your Windows PC might have some issues.


Fix csrss trojan malware process windows

You might also have noticed that when csrss.exe process is running, it is consuming high CPU usage that might slow up your Windows 7/8/10 PC or laptop.


How to Fix csrss.exe Trojan Malware Running in Windows Task

We will be covering few methods so you can easily close the csrss.exe on your Windows PC or laptop to speed it up.

Fix # 01: Create New User Profile

  1. Firstly Backup all your important data. Create a new user account. To create it on Windows 7, Follow these steps:
  2. Go to Start Menu and then to Control Panel.
  3. Under the User Accounts option, You will see ‘Add or Remove accounts’.
  4. Click on it and you will see an option of Create a new account in this window. Type any name you want here.
  5. To create a new user account on Windows 8/10, go to Settings and then go to Account menu.
  6. There you will see an option of ‘Family and other people’.
  7. Go to this menu and select “Add someone else to this PC”.
  8. Assign it any name and password.
  9. When you have logged in to your Computer using your new user account, Go to system properties using Computer icon at the desktop.
  10. From here, Go to advanced tab. There you will see User Profiles heading.
  11. Click to get further and delete the profile which is causing the errors.
  12. You can then remake another profile here.

Fix # 02: Use Anti-Virus Program to Remove csrss.exe from Windows


In some cases, this file might be a virus. This can be spread into your computer through the internet. It can be verified by going into the Task manager and analyzing the processes tab.

If Csrss.exe files are there, It means it could be a virus. The simple solution to this might be running a full diagnostic on your PC. This will probably fix your issue.

Let us know how you got rid of this annoying csrss.exe trojan process that was taking too much CPU resources in Windows.

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