How to Fix Default Gateway Is Not Available in Windows 10


Microsoft always bring lot of new feature in its new Windows version. So was case with Windows 10. After major release, regular updates are released by Software giant to fix the bugs and issues encountered by users. Lot of Windows 10 desktop and laptop users are facing some annoying network issues. If your internet is not working and you are getting limited connectivity, you may be victim of the subject error too. Upon troubleshooting, “Default gateway is not available error” would show up.

Default Gateway Is Not Available


In this tutorial, we will cover few methods to get rid of such network issues that cause limited connectivity problem in Windows 10. Before we proceed, if you are facing this default gateway error problem on your laptop, make sure its battery is fully charged.

How to Fix Default Gateway is Not Available Error

Fix # 01: Disable Auto Logon Feature in Windows 10


Microsoft introduced Auto Logon feature in Windows 8 and kept it in Windows 10 too. It automatically log on the users to last used username without asking. According to victims, the default gateway is not available is fixed when auto logon feature in Windows 10 is disabled. Here is how to do this:

  1. If you have only one user, add few more.
  2. Assign password to all users.
  3. Restart your Windows 10 computer.

Since passwords have been assigned to all users, Windows cannot auto logon.

Fix # 02: Update your Network Adapter Drivers


If the issue is not fixed after disabling auto logon feature, then there might be issues with network adapters. Most companies release regular updates for their network adapters to comply with latest Windows 10 updates. In such cases, if your adapter has outdated drivers, errors like default gateway is not available appears. In such cases, updating the network adapters is recommended. To achieve this, follow below steps:

  1. If you have search at task bar enabled, write “Device Manager” there.
  2. From search results, click on Device Manager.
  3. Scroll down to network and expand it.
  4. Right click on each one and then select “Update Drivers”
  5. Do this for all network drivers.

Once it is done, restart your Windows 10 computer. Hopefully it will resolve the issue. If it still persists, try fix # 03.

Fix # 03: Uninstall the Various PC Recommendation Tools

If you have installed some PC recommendation tools while you are facing network issues in Windows 10, it is advised to uninstall them all. Do not just delete its icon from desktop. Rather, use Control panel -> Remove programs feature to remove or uninstall each tool individually.

When you get your internet connection working, you can reinstall these tools.

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