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Tutorial To Fix Error “INET_E_RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND” in windows 10


Well, windows 10 is popular for its awesome updates, But there occurs some problem in the built-In app of windows 10. I am taking about windows explorer and Microsoft Edge. In the recent update of windows 10, some of the users have reported, when they try to open the web page faces the error states that “Hmm.. cannot reach this page”. When they click on the “detail” button that appeared with this error. It directs you to error code stating that “The DNS server might be having problems. Error code: INET_E_RESOURCE NOT FOUND”.


In order to overcome this problem, you need to follow this article. We will guide you through simple methods.


Follow the below steps carefully:


Method # 1: Download and Run Reimage

The first solution to every problem in windows, you might try to run the reimage software in order to scan the corrupt and missing files in windows. This software will detect the corrupt and missing files and will fix it for you.

Method # 2: Reset The netsh

Step 1. Before proceeding to follow the steps, keep it mind that if you have a static IP, then don’t try this method.


Step 2. Open the “Powershell (Admin)” by clicking simultaneously windows + X and then choose “Powershell (Admin)” from the menu.

Step 3. In Powershell window, type the following command. This command will save your IP configuration into the ipconfiguration.txt file in C:\.

ipconfig /all > C:\ipconfiguration.txt

Step 4. After that, you need to type the following command and press enter key to execute:

netsh  int  ip  reset  c:\resetlog.txt

Step 5. At last, type the command as below:

netsh  winsock  reset

Step 6. Restart your computer and check.

Method # 3: Turn Off The Option “Enable TCP Fast Open”

Step 1. Simply open the “Microsoft Edge” application and then type about:flags in the address bar.

Step 2. When you reach the page, you need to locate the option “Networking”.

Step 3. In networking option, un-check the “Enable TCP Fast Open”.

Step 4. At last, reboot your computer and hopefully your problem will be solved.

Method # 4: Switch To In-Private Browsing

Step 1. Click on the Microsoft Edge to open.

Step 2. At the top right corner of the browser, you will see three dots. click on it.

Step 3. Now, you will see “New InPrivate window” option. Select it.

Step 4. After doing that, it will work fine.

Method # 5: Customizing User Account Control Settings

Step 1. Simply open the “control panel” by pressing windows + R key and they type “control”.

Step 2. In control panel, click on the “user account” and again click on it.

Step 3. In user account, click on “change user account control settings”.

Step 4. Now, slide the bar to change the settings according to your need.

Step 5. At last, check the browser is working fine or not.

Method # 6: Microsoft Edge (Reinstall it)

Step 1. Well, if you are not getting satisfying results from the above methods, then simply re-install the Microsoft Edge. It will work. Before resetting your Microsoft Edge, follow the steps below to make back-up of your favourites.

Step 2. Simultaneously press and hold windows+R key to open run dialogue box.

Step 3. Type the following command:


Step 4. Then press enter key to execute.

Step 5. When you reach the path by executing the above command, then right click on the folder “DataStore” and select the “copy” option from the properties menu.

Step 6. Paste it anywhere, where you can easily find it.

Method # 7: Resetting Microsoft Edge

Step 1. Download the file “Reset Microsoft Edge”.

Step 2. You need to extract the file and then right click on the extracted file and select the “properties”.

Step 3. In properties window, click on the “General” tab.

Step 4. In General tab, check the option “Unblock”.

Step 5. Then, simply click on “Apply” and then press “Ok”.

Step 6. Confirm that Microsoft Edge is closed. Right click on the extracted file and choose “Run with Powershell”.

Step 7. When Powershell gets open, close it and then Microsoft Edge will be reset.

Still Facing Problem? Follow this method

If you are still facing the problem, then proceed to follow the below steps. You are also required to know your account password in order to follow the below steps:

Step 1. Simultaneously press windows+R key and then type “msconfig” and press enter.

Step 2. In system configuration window, click on the “Boot” tab.

Step 3. In Boot tab, check the option “Safe mode”.

Step 4. Also click on the “Minimal” option located under the “safe mode”.

Step 5. After that, click on “Ok” and it will ask you about restart. Click on “Restart”.

Step 6. When your computer boots up again, then open the run dialogue box by pressing windows+R key and then type the following command:


Step 7. When you reach the path by typing the above command, then click on the “View” tab and check the option “Hidden items”.

Step 8. After that, simply right click on the folder MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe and choose “Properties” from the menu.

Step 9. In properties window, you will see the “Read only” option. Uncheck it.

Step 10. Click on “Apply” and then press “Ok”.

Step 11. Now delete the Folder “MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe” and restart your computer.

Step 12. after your computer boots up again, press windows+R key and type “msconfig”.

Step 13. Click on the “Boot” tab and then simply uncheck the option “Safe mode”.

Step 14. After that, reinstall the Microsoft Edge and follow the above section called “Resetting Microsoft Edge”.

Method # 8: How To Restore Your Favourites

Step 1. You need to locate the folder named “DataStore”, you have just copied before.

Step 2. Simply right click on it and choose the “copy” option from the menu.

Step 3. Then simultaneously press windows+R key and type the following command:


Step 4. When you reach the path after pressing enter key, right click anywhere and “paste” the “DataStore” folder.

Step 5. You should be asked to select “Replace the files in the destination”.

Step 6. Click on “Yes” and proceed to complete the copying process.

Step 7. After that, all your favourites back-up will be restored .

Methods # 9: How To Flush DNS

Step 1. In order to flash the DNS, follow the below steps carefully:

Step 2. Click on the windows icon and then type “cmd” in the start search bar. Right click on the command prompt and choose the “run as administrator” option.

Step 3. In command prompt, type the following command and then press enter to execute it:

ipconfig /flushdns

Step 4. After executing the above command, you will see the message “Windows IP configuration successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache”.

Step 5. At last, close the command prompt and check the problem is solved or not.

Let us know in the comment section if you are facing any problem related to this post.

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