Guide To Fix Invalid MS-DOS Function Error


In this tutorial, we will guide you how to fix the problem of invalid MS-DOS function error. This error comes, when you delete, move, copy or rename the file. The error depends on file functionality and usually affect the functionality of the file. The error comes in windows 10, windows vista, windows 8 and 8.1.

Users report this error while using their computer as they normally might, moving files around, making copies of files, deleting files, and renaming them. They note that these files should be movable, and are not “read-only” or anything similar.


You might see this error coming up when your hard drive, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM or other storage device is damaged as well.

While there could be a host of problems causing this (such as a corruption of the files), you should start with the fix discussed in this tutorial before going down the road of other serious problems.


However, in general, before you start this tutorial, try restarting your machine and see if the problem resolves. If not, then move forward with the steps here.

Just follow this article and hopefully you will be good to go.

windows 10


Methods To Fix Error “Invalid MS-DOS Function”

Follow the below steps to get rid of this error:

Defragment & optimizing Your Driver

Guide To Fix Invalid MS-DOS Function Error

Step 1: Simultaneously press windows+E key and then click on “This PC”.

Step 2: After that, right click on your drive and choose “properties”, then click on “tool” tab.

Step 3: In tool tab, click on “Optimize” or “defragment” option and then run it.

Step 4: Wait for the process to complete and then reboot your system and check if the problem still persist.

Did you try the steps in this tutorial? How long did it take to defrag? Did it resolve your error? Let us know in the comment section whether it worked for you, and if you are still facing any problems related to this post.

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