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Fix Pokemon Duel Text Not Found Error and Server Down Issues


Earlier this week, Nintendo released their second game of Pokemon which was named as Duel. Like its predecessor, Pokemon Duel has been annoying its users with different issues and most latest one is text not found error. Here we will cover some of the possible reasons behind this error and methods to fix it.


For those who are not familiar with Pokemon Duel, its newly released game which is available as free to play on both Android and iOS stores. If you are expecting it to be based on GEO location and is augmented reality based then you need to change your mind as this is not the case. Pokemon Duel looks like a card game and users will have to utilize their resources and available super characters to beat in opponents. Opponents can be computer ones or the real ones. Both will have their turns and the one who enters enemy territory first will be declared as winner by Pokemon Duel.

How to Fix Pokemon Duel Text Not Found and Other Server Issues

Pokemon Duel was released Worldwide at same time which put its server in lot of load. Yes, that is expected from servers, after all they are computers too. Just imagine from the fact that Pokemon Go was released only in few countries initially but still the servers failed. The case in Pokemon Duel is that its a Worldwide release. In such cases when the servers are fully occupied, users face different kind of errors.


Text Not Found error in Pokemon Duel faced on both Android and iOS by users is one of them. If you are victim of this error, don’t worry. There is nothing wrong at your iPhone or Android side rather its Pokemon Duel server down issue. If after sometime issue still persists, follow the steps below:

  1. Simply un-install the Pokemon Duel on your iPhone and Android Device.
  2. Once it is un-installed, restart your device.
  3. Download and install it again from Play Store or iOS App Store.
  4. Launch it and hopefully the issue should not persists.

Since the major cause of Pokemon Duel text not found error is a server issue, it should be fixed automatically after some time. Meanwhile, consider playing Pokemon Duel for Windows PC.


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