How to Fix ravbg64.exe High CPU Usage Error


Facing the ravbg64.exe error in Windows 8/10 on your PC or Laptop? Follow this detailed tutorial to get rid of this problem.

Sometimes your PC becomes very hot. The cause of this issue can often be viruses or malware. But if your anti-virus isn’t alerting you about anything, and you aren’t experiencing any of the other symptoms of infections like unusual errors, freezing, unresponsive programs, slowdowns, crashing, you should take a look at your system processes.


Fix ravbg64 high cpu

When you look into processes that are being run, you might see ravbg64.exe consuming lot of memory. Most people take it for virus and close it. However, once they do so, the audio is disabled.


It is because of the reason that ravbg64.exe is actually Realtek HD audio driver file and not a virus. Once you close it, the audio will be automatically disabled. This issue frequently comes up after a Windows update.

Guide to Fix ravbg64.exe High CPU Usage Problem

There are many methods to fix or control the high memory usage by this process named ravbg64.exe.

Method # 1: Disable Realtek Audio


The best working method is to disable the realtek Audio from device manager.

  1. For that, go to My Computer -> Device Manager.
  2. Search for Audio. Right click on Realtek and disable it.
  3. After few minutes, enable it again.

This way your sound will not be disturbed and the issue will be resolved.

Method # 02: Restart your PC

If disabling/enabling the audio driver does not work out for you, you should restart PC. It will also restart the ravbg64.exe process and as result, cpu usage will be minimized.

Other Options

If the two methods above fail to resolve the problem, consider uninstalling and then re-installing the driver.

Let us know which method worked out for you to get rid of high CPU usage by ravbg64.exe process.

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