Simple Guide To Fix This Problem When Right Click Not Working in Windows 10


You will experience many problems while using windows 10 operating system, some of them are big and some are small. But what king of problem it might be, the moments you are facing it might the most irritating one. One of the problem recently reported by some users is related to mouse, when they try to right click on folder or anything, it does’nt work. Therefore, to get rid of this issue, we are providing you some methods, you need to follow.

Simple Guide To Fix This Problem When Right Click Not Working in Windows 10

Method # 1: Download and Run Reimage Plus


Downloading and running the Reimage Plus software is very helpful to detect the corrupted files and then fix it. it scans for corrupted and missing files and then try to recovery those files which might be helpful in fixing this issue.

Method # 2: How To Turn Off The Tablet Mode Using Different Ways

As the problem suggests to turn off the tablet mode. When the tablet mode is activated on your computer, it prevents the usage of mouse everywhere in terms of right clicking. Therefore it might be the reason behind this issue. Follow the below steps to turn the tablet off.


  1. Navigate to “Notification window” by clicking on the icon located at the right corner in taskbar or press windows + A key to open it.
  2. You will see the “tablet mode” option there, simply click on it to turn it off, if it is on.

Using system settings to turn the tablet Off:

  1. Go to “settings” and then click on “system”.
  2. In system window, on the left pane, locate the “tablet mode” option and click on it.
  3. In tablet mode window, you will see the option “Make windows more touch and friendly, when using your device as a tablet”. Turn this option “Off”.

Method # 3: How To Download Shell Extension Manager For Windows

Shell extension manager is the utility that manage to deal with the extensions causing this issue.

  1. Simply click on the link to download Shell extension manager.
  2. After downloading it, “run it as an administrator” via keyboard.
  3. When the new menu appears, click on the “options” and then “Filter By extension type” and then select the option “context menu”.
  4. After that, a list of items will appear, then take a look on the items that appear with pink background as these are the entries installed by some other softwares.
  5. In order to disable all those entries, simply press and hold CTRL button and then click on all one by one. After selecting all those items, then simply click on the “red” button to disable them located at the left corner.
  6. After that, click on the option “Restart explorer” located under options.

That’s all, now check by right clicking anywhere to see the problem is gone.


While following the above methods, if you face any kind of problem, then let us know in the comment section.

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