Guide To Fix TitanFall 2 Engine Error


TitanFall 2 is a first person shooter game which is very popular nowadays and users spend an hours to play it. The game is quite awesome. But some users reported about an error while playing or running the game. The error is related to Engine Error.

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In this tutorial, we will guide through different methods how to fix this problem. Simply follow the guide and you are good to go.

Methods To Fix TitanFall 2 Engine Error

Simply follow the below steps carefully:


Guide To Fix TitanFall 2 Engine Error

Step 1: Re-install The Game

By re-installing the game will fix this problem and this is the easy way. To uninstall the game just follow the steps below:

1. Make sure that you are logged in with an administrator account. As with other account you will not be able to delete the game.


2. The second thing you need to do is back-up the saved files from My Documents->Respawn->Titanfall 2 folder and then copy it to another folder as by uninstalling the game will remove all the data.

3. Press windows+R key to open the run dialogue box and then type “control panel” and press enter to open it.

4. In control panel window, locate the “program” option in which you will see the “uninstall a program” click on it to open it.

5. Then you need to locate the “TitanFall 2” game and then click on it to uninstall it.

6. You will also be asked “Do you want to completely remove Titanfall 2 for windows?”. Click on “yes” to proceed.

7. Wait for the Uninstalling process to complete and click on Finish button.

8. If you want to re-install the game again, then you need to download it from the Origin. The game will be located in the library and you need to right click on it and then choose the “install” option to install it again.

Step 2: Running The Game in Windowed Mode

Another methods to get rid of this engine error is running a game in windowed mode until the publisher release a patch. Follow the below steps carefully:

1. Double click on the Origin icon to open it and then locate the “game library menu” and go to it.

2. In Game Library, click on “TitanFall 2 icon” and then click on “settings” icon and select “Game Properties” from the properties menu.

3. Locate the “Advanced Launch Options” tab and then click on it, under the command line arguments button, type the following command:


4. To play the game in the borderless window, type the following command:

-noborder -window

Step 3: Turning Off SLI For Nvidia Users

1. One of methods to resolve this error is to turn off the SLI (scalable link interface). This can fix the error for you. Follow the steps below carefully:

2. In desktop, right click and then choose the “Nvidia control panel” from the drop down menu.

3. In Nvidia control panel, locate the 3D settings menu and click on it and then click on “Set SLI configuration” option.

4. In “Set SLI configuration” option, Select the option “Do not use SLI technology” option and then click on “Apply” to make changes.

Step 4: Turning On Beta Updates

In this methods, we will guide you to turn on beta updates. As this might resolve the problem for you while playing the game. Follow the steps carefully to turn on Beta updates:

1. Click on the Origin application to open it.

2. Then click on the “Origin” option located at the top right corner of the Origin application interface and then choose “Application settings” option from the drop down menu.

3. In “Application settings” tab, Under “Client Update” switch the slider “On” of the option “Participate in Origin Client Betas”.

4. At last, restart the Origin application and wait for the beta updates to install and hopefully the error will be gone.

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