How to Fix Tutuapp Helper Crashing in iOS 12


Have you updated your iPhone to latest iOS 12? If yes, then you might be experiencing issues with TutuApp helper, if you use it for Pokemon go and other games.

TutuApp Crashing iOS 11


What is TutuApp Helper?

TutuApp is a third party installation helper, that can be used with android and iOS devices. People use it to get access to apps that you can’t get in the Google Play Store or in the Apple Store.

There is a free and premium version of the app.


TutuApp is not available for download from Google Play Store or the Apple Store (or iTunes) because TutuApp gives users the ability to do things that Google and Apple don’t want users to be able to do. You have to get the app from elsewhere on the internet, though we recommend that you get it directly from TutuApp if you can.

Is TutuApp safe?

For the most part, we don’t hear a lot of drama out TutuApp not being safe. The problems, if there are problems, are the result of apps that are uploaded to a device with the assistance of TutuApp.

TutuApp doesn’t do an investigation to make sure all the apps available to install with the assistance of the app are safe, legal, and otherwise all good. It is up to the user to make decisions about what to install, and the user is ultimately responsible for anything that happens as a result.


Fix TutuApp Helper Crashing on iPhone

Thanks to Jailbreak Nerds for sharing this workaround, that will help you how to get the problem of TutuApp helper crashing on iPhone which is updated to iOS 12.

Follow the steps below to solve the problem of TutuApp helper crashing on iPhone:

  1. First of all you need to un-install the older version of TutuApp helper from your iPhone.
  2. Once it is uninstalled, launch vShare on your iDevice.
  3. Search for “TutuApp Helper” and install it.
  4. Wait for installation to complete.

Once it is completed, restart your iPhone. Launch TutuApp helper from your iPhone homescreen. Hopefully the issue of crashing would be resolved.

Let us know if you have any query or problem related to this tutorial.

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