Guide To Fix WMI Provider Host Consume High CPU Usage in Windows 10


Windows Provider Host WmiPrvSE is an important part of windows. When you upgrade your windows to windows 10, then the WMI provider Host consume High Cpu usage in windows 10. In this tutorial, we will guide you how to fix this issue. Just follow this guide and you are good to go.

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Methods To Fix WMI Provide Host High CPU Usage in windows 10

Follow the below steps carefully:

Guide To Fix WMI Provider Host Consume High CPU Usage in Windows 10


Step 1: Rebooting the WMI (Windows management Instrumentation) service

1. Simultaneously, press windows+R key and then type “services.msc”.

2. In Services window, click on any option and then press “W” key until you reach the required option called “Windows management Instrumentation” services.

3. Simple right click on it and then select “Restart” option from the properties.


Step 2: Rebooting The Other Linked Services Using Command Prompt

1. Open the “Command Prompt” as an administrator.

2. In the command prompt, type the following command and press enter after each:

 net  stop  iphlpsv

net  stop  wscsvc

               net  stop  winmgmt

               net  start  winmgmt

               net  start  wscsvc

               net  start  iphlpsv

3. After executing all the above command, then restart your computer.

Step 3: Uninstall The Process Using Event Viewer

1. Open the “Event Viewer” by typing in the start menu.

2. In event viewer, click on the “View” tab and then select the option “Show Analytic and Debug Logs”.

3. A new window will open, where you need to follow the path Applications and Services Logs-> Microsoft-> Windows-> WMI Activity.

4. Expand the WMI Activity and then you will see the “Operational”. Click on it to open.

5. Here, you need to look for any errors, if you find any error, then click on it to display its specifications.

6. Take a look on “General Tab” of the specifications of the error, you have just clicked on it. Locate the ClientProcessId, when you locate the number, then note it exactly. For example “7668”.

7. At last, close the event viewer and press windows+R key to open run dialogue box and then type “taskmgr” and press enter.

8. In task manager, click on the “services” tab and then locate the “services” that has the same process ID as number followed by the “ClientProcessID”.

9. When you find the corresponding Process ID and the right click on it. Select “disable” option to stop the application. Go to “control panel” and then click on “uninstall a program” located under “program & features”. Locate the program that is defaulter and then simply uninstall the program.

Finally. You are done and the WMI Provider Host will use minimal amount of CPU.

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