Download FoxiFi WiFi Tether for PC Windows and Mac


FoxFi WiFi Tether is an amazing application that was introduced to share internet with other devices and many more. Through FoxFi app your device can be turned into a WiFi Hotspot.

FoxiFi WiFi Tether


FoxFi app is nowadays a very popular app. You can also use it on your computer. It includes the function that allow the user to share an internet connection with other devices using WiFi, Bluetooth and USB. Simply download and install this app and enjoy the new experience.

How to Install FoxiFi WiFi Tether for PC Windows and Mac

If order to install FoxiFi WiFi Tether for PC Windows or Mac, you need to have a good Android emulator installed. We recommend to install Bluestacks (download latest version).


Download FoxiFi WiFi Tether for PC

If you have never heard of Bluestacks (or an emulator), let me explain. FoxiFi is not available (at the time of publishing this article, though that may change) to be compatible with a PC computer. To get around that, to be able to use this app on the desktop computer as we want to, we need to make it possible. To do so, we use an emulator, which actually imitates the operating system of an android device on the desktop computer so that the app functions as it should.

The emulator doesn’t install the android operating system, and if the emulator isn’t launched, then the app doesn’t work.


Okay, now that we’ve taken care of the background information….

Once you have installed Bluestacks, you can proceed with FoxiFi WiFi Tether for PC and place it inside Android emulator. Once you’ve got the app opened up within the emulator, you should be good to go to start using it as though you were using it on your phone.

If you have CDMA or GSM supported Windows 7/8/10 laptop or Macbook, then you will be able to easily share or tether its WiFi internet connection, thanks to FoxiFi WiFi tether for PC.

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