Download Cydia without Jailbreaking iOS 12 using OpenAppMkt


Looking to download Cydia without Jailbreaking iOS 12? In this tutorial article, we’ll show you how you can get this done with the assistance of OpenAppMkt.



OpenAppMkt is web based Cydia store that gives users access to lot of jailbreak tweaks. Besides many other benefits, the major advantage of OpenAppMkt is allowing users install Cydia tweaks without jailbreak. Amazing, isn’t it?

With OpenAppMkt, users can download and install the Cydia tweaks they way the would do with genuine Cydia app. Be it ringtones, customization apps or Winterboard themes, you can install any Cydia tweak you want in iOS 12/iOS 12.3. Yes, you have heard it right. OpenAppMkt is compatible with iOS 12.3 and can be installed on iPhone 7 Plus, 8, 6S, SE and iPad Air.


Cydia iOS 11 with OpenAppMkt

These days, many people are looking for apps like MovieBox and vShare. Good new is that OpenAppMkt supports MovieBox too.

And we definitely understand why you’d want to avoid jailbreaking your phone. Jailbreaking is really cool when it works, but sometimes it can leave your phone unstable, or even brick it. It voids the warranty, and some popular social media and banking apps block devices when jailbreak is detected. For these reasons, OpenAppMkt is an ideal solution.


How to Install Cydia in iOS 12 without Jailbreak using OpenAppMkt

So if you have decided to give OpenAppMkt a try, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Launch Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad which is updated to iOS 12.
  2. Visit OpeAappMkt.
  3. When it is loaded, add its shortcut to homescreen.

Now launch OpenAppMkt from homescreen. It will load the web page. Use the search field to search for your favorite Cydia tweak or app like Moviebox and install it from there.

Wrap Up

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