Guide How To Delete Drive Partition in Windows 10


In this quick tutorial article, we’ll show you how you can delete a drive partition in Windows 10.


Are you running out of space for a drive and don’t to delete the files to free the space? Then don’t worry, you can delete any other partition to extend your drive which contains important data. You can delete all the partitions except the local C drive which is referred to as windows drive.

Not sure what a drive partition is? A partition is fairly simple. Think of a hard drive like one disk, that can be divided up into different sections for organization. You can and and remove dividers in this disk when necessary.


Many users partition their drives so make it easy to run different operating systems on the same computer. They will store all of the files associated and compatible with that operating system on that drive as well.

In windows 10 to delete a drive partition, you can use disk management.

Guide How To Delete a drive partition in windows 10


Methods To Delete Drive Partition:

Step 1: Simply press windows+X buttons and then select “Disk management”.

Step 2: All you need is to right click on the “partition” and then select “Delete Volume” to delete the partition.

Step 3: To confirm, click on “yes to continue”.

Step 4: When the partition is deleted, you will see the “unallocated space on the disk”.

Step 5: Right click on the “partition” you want to extend and select the option “Extend Volume”.

Step 6: If you want to create a new partition, then right click on “unallocated space” and select the option “New Simple Volume”.

Step 7: Specify the size of the volume and then assign a name for the drive and format it.

Step 8: At last, Restart your computer.

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