Guide To install MIUI 9 Custom ROM on Xiaomi Smartphones


Good news for Xiaomi smartphones as the new ROM has been released for Xiaomi Devices called MIUI 9. There is a lot of new features to discuss. The latest update MIUI Custom ROM is quite awesome. It has concentrated almost on every department.

MIUI 9 Custom ROM include many awesome features like smart assistance, image search, smart app launcher and lock screen optimization etc.


In this tutorial we will discuss all the features included in MIUI 9 update and will guide you how to install it through simple methods. Just follow this article and you are good to go.

MIUI 9 Features with detail description:

Smart Assistance:


With Smart assistance feature, you can easily access any thing like schedule, Notes, Map, shortcuts and many more. All you need is to just swap right from the main home screen and Smart assistance will enable.

Quick Reply and Optimized Notifications:

MIUI 9 comes with that spectacular feature that consider much customization in Notifications. The feature is quite awesome and you will be amazed to see the functions of this feature. You can reply to the particular message received by using reply button available in the notifications panel.


If you are busy in other activities like watching videos on youtube or playing games and message arrives, then you didn’t need to leave the application. Just use the reply button in the notification panel and reply. You can also perform other functions like blocking notifications of any application from the notifications panel.

Split Screen mode AKA Multitasking:

MIUI 9 include this incredible feature to cherish xiaomi users. With Split screen mode, you can use multiple apps at the same time. Like using whatsapp and chatting with someone, at the sametime you can watch videos on youtube. To access Split screen mode, All you need is to tap on the recent button and then select SplitScreenMode located at the top left side of the screen.

From there, you can choose the first app and then the second app you are willing to use. You can also play with the size of the apps by resizing it. The feature will display a notification alert to those which are not supported to multitasking windows.

image Search:

This feature is quite awesome and bring a lot of ease for xiaomi users. MIUI 9 include search option in Gallery of the phone which is very user-friendly. With this feature, you can search for different images according people, expression, locations, event, documents and screenshots etc.


This feature provide the platform on which you can try experimental features directly on your device. Like, you can try the upcoming Beta features. You can access this feature directly from menu settings.

Guide to install MIUI 9 Custom ROM on Xiaomi smartphones

Methods To install MIUI 9 Custom ROM using Fastboot:

Just follow the below steps carefully and you will be able to install MIUI 9 Custom ROM on your device. But there are some pre-requirements before installing the Custom ROM which you need to follow. Otherwise, you will not be able to proceed with installation.


  • Unlock the Bootloader.
  • Download MIUI 9 Fastboot ROM of your device.
  • Install the Xiaomi USB Drivers on your computer.
  • Make back-up of your important data before proceeding.
  • Make sure that you have 60-70% battery back-up.

Steps To install MIUI 9 Custom ROM:

  • Connect your smartphone to a computer in Fastboot mode. To boot your phone in Fastboot mode, Switch off your phone, then press & hold Power and Volume Down buttons until the Mi bunny appears on the screen.
  • To confirm whether your device is connected or not, open the Mi flash tool application and press “Refresh” button located at the top right corner.
  • Then click on the “Select” button located at the top left corner and search for extracted Fastboot ROM folder and select it.
  • After that, check the “Clean all” from the right down corner and then click on the “Flash” button on the top right corner to start the flashing process.
  • Wait for the flashing process to complete as it will take several minutes. Be patient and don’t remove your device during flashing process.
  • After the completion of process, you will the “success”¬†message and your phone will automatically boot into MIUI 9.

Congratzz… And finally you are successfully done.

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