Guide To Change Drive Icons in Windows


If you get bored with the windows drive default icons, then don’t worry. We have come with a solution to customize your drive icons. Whatever icon you want to apply, you can by just following this guide. In this guide we will show through simple methods how to change windows drive icons.

What are Drive Icons?

The drive icon is a graphic. You’ll see it when you go to click on the drive in your folders on your computer. Windows has historically used the same icons to represent the drives, while using separate icons to represent other types of files and folders. The idea behind this is that you’ll be more easily able to identify which items are drives and which items are folders and files.


Why customize your drive icons?

Why not? It is your computer, after all. There is no reason why you can’t have different icons representing the drives in your computer if you wish.

Where can I find icons?

You can create them yourself from your own personal images, or you can download them from the internet.


Guide to change drive icons in windows

Methods To Customize Drive Icons in Windows:

Step 1: Select the icon you want to apply and then copy & paste it to the root of the driver whose icon you want to change. Remember the name of the file.

Step 2: Open notepad and type the following command:




Step 3: Save the file in the same location root of the drive and name the file autorun.inf and select the file type as All Files and click on Save button to save the file.

Step 4: At last, Restart your computer to make changes.

Another method is by the use of a free third party app that can handle the icon change for you. The app is called Drive Icon Changer. We don’t have experience using this app so we can’t recommend it one way or another, but we thought we’d mention it so that you could investigate it further if you wanted to.

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