Guide To Customize the Logon Screen in Windows 7/8/XP


By following this tutorial, you will be able to customize your logon screen. before proceeding for methods, let have a brief description about windows 7 logon screen.

What is Logon screen ?

The logon screen provides a list of all the accounts made on that particular computer. It also allow you to log on to computer with one of these accounts. When a computer is a part of domain, then it display logon screen.


The logon screen is secure and stable. It show a list accounts running on computer. It maintain the security of the system.

Guide To Customize logon screen in windows


Methods To Customize The Logon Screen in Windows 7

Step 1: To customize logon screen, download the application which is called logon background changer.

Step 2: After downloading, simply install the program on computer and run it.

Step 3: By using this application, you can easily select and change wallpaper for logon screen or welcome screen.


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