Guide To Defer Feature and Quality Updates in Windows 10


Looking to put off Feature and Quality Updates in Windows 10? In this quick tutorial article, we’ll show you how you can get this done in a few short steps.


Windows 10 offers many updated and useful features for users. But not everyone is happy to be constantly updated and changed. This is especially the case if you are in the middle of a big project, or you don’t want your computer updating or changing anything feature-wise.

Windows 10 provides you the option of defer feature and quality updates. If you are using windows 10 pro, education, enterprise edition then you can easily defer features and quality updates. By doing this new features will not be downloaded. One thing to keep it in mind, this action will not effect the security updates.


Guide To Defer Feature and Quality updates in Windows 10

Methods To Defer Features and Quality Updates in Windows 10:

Step 1: Simply press windows+I to open settings and then click on “security & updates”.

Step 2: Click on “Windows update” located under “security & updates”.


Step 3: Then click on “Advanced options” located under “update settings”.

Step 4: New window will open in which you need to select “Semi-Annual channel targeted” or “Semi-Annual channel” located under the “choose how updates are installed”.

Step 5: Next you need to change the value from “0 to 365” days located under “A feature update include new capabilities and improvements”.

Step 6: Also change the value from “0 to 30” days located under “A quality updates include security improvements”.

Step 7: At last, Restart your computer.

As always, we do recommend that you back up your important files before you perform maintenance or settings changes on your computer in order to protect your vital and necessary files.

Wrap Up

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