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Guide To Disable Right Click on Desktop

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By right clicking on desktop or windows explorer in the white area pop-ups a menu which contains number of items. If it irritates you, then you can disable it. In this tutorial we will guide you through simple methods how to disable it.


Methods To Disable Right Click on Desktop:

Step 1: Simply press windows+R buttons and type “regedit” to open registry editor.

Step 2: Type the following command in the address bar:



Step 3: Create a new DWORD value and named as NoViewContextMenu and then change its value to “1” to disable the right click context menu on desktop and “0” to enable it.

Step 4: At last, close the registry editor and restart your computer.


Right-Click On Your Websites

There are also good reasons to disable the ability to right-click on your websites. When you right-click on a website, a menu of options pops up, including the ability to download and save items or content that you created. This can be used by you, and also by anyone who comes and visits your website.

As a website owner, there is very little more frustrating than to find something you invested time and money in on someone else’s website, posted as though he/she had created it. This is straight up theft, and it can be almost impossible to get the thief to take down the material or obtain any sort of damages/compensation for the theft. In the worst case scenario, the duplicate content can actually harm your entire website in the eyes of the Google search engine algorithm.

This post talks about disabling right-click for YOU, but you should know that on your websites you can disable right-click for THEM. This can be done quickly with the assistance of a plugin if you are using wordpress, such as Right Click Disable, Prevent Content Theft, and WP Disable Right Click.

All you need to do is to download and install your chosen plugin, and then the ability to quickly steal your content is no longer available. If a thief wants to take a screen shot of your page, or type out word for word your content, the plugin won’t stop them, but it will make it more difficult, which thieves don’t like.

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