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Guide To Download and Install Kik For PC

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Kik is a popular android (and iOS) messenger through which you can chat with your friends easily. You can also install this application on PC which means it is available for Windows  and Mac also. In this guide we will show how to download and install Kik application on Windows. Just follow this guide and you are good to go.

More about Kik

Kik is free to download and use, much like WhatsApp. People like Kik because it provides some level of privacy and anonymity to users, as the messages sent between users are not stored by Kik, and can only be found on the devices of the sender and receiver. Further, you can sign up to Kik with only a name and email address, which doesn’t need to be verified. Phone numbers are not required either.


Kik has come under fire in the news recently because it has unfortunately connected children and teenagers with adults who had inappropriate or even criminal intentions. There has been a lot of noise about getting parents more involved with monitoring the use of Kik by their children, and preventing children from accessing inappropriate adults through the app.

Given that anyone can access Kik without providing a real name, confirmed email address, or contact information, it seems best to keep a close eye on children or vulnerable individuals using the app.


Features of Kik messenger:

Method To Download Kik on PC:


Step 1: Download Bluestack emulator which is also called Android emulator. An android emulator imitates the android operating system (and other necessary hardware) to allow the otherwise incompatible software to be used on a desktop or laptop computer.

Step 2: Install Bluestacks and search for the application in the emulator’s search bar.

Step 3: Download and install the Kik application.

Step 4: Run the Kik messenger on PC (within the emulator interface) and enjoy.

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