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Guide To Enable Verbose and Detailed Status Message in Windows 10

How To Enable Verbose Status message in window 10


In today’s article we’ll show you how to enable Verbose and Detailed Status Message in Windows 10.


Verbose and Detailed Status Message

Windows 10 provides the information and detail status of the system when the system shutdown, logon, logoff starts-up operations.

Verbose status messages can also help you out when you are debugging your system or troubleshooting Windows problems. When Windows is not shutting down, for example, verbose status messages can tell you exactly and at what stage Windows is getting hung up.


These messages may say something like:

” Please Wait While Windows….”

“Preparing your desktop…”


“Shutting Down Windows…”

“Please wait while Windows installs…”

“Starting Windows”

“Applying computer settings…”

“Stopping Group Policy Service”

This action of the Windows 10 operating system is also referred to as the verbose status message. In this tutorial we will show you how to enable this verbose status message. Just follow this guide and you are good to go.

Methods To Enable Verbose and Detailed Status Message:

Step 1: Simple press and hold Windows+R buttons and type regedit to open registry editor.

Step 2: Then type the following address in the address bar:


Step 3: Then all you need is to right click on system and select New-> DWORD (32-bit) Value even if you are using 64 bit windows.

Step 4: After that name this newly created DWORD as Verbose status message and press enter.

Step 5: Now if you want to enable the Verbose Status message, then double click on it and change its value to “1”.

Step 6: At last click OK and restart your computer.

Wrap Up

Did you find the information in this article that you were looking for? Were you able to turn on verbose messages? Let us know in the comment section if you are still facing any problems related to this post.

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