Guide To Fix Internet Explorer Error “res://aaResources.dll/104”


The Internet Explorer sometimes display a message “Page cannot be displayed” which is caused by an error “res://aaResources.dll/104”. Some users have reported about this error due to which they are unable to access internet on windows internet explorer. To fix this issue, you need to follow this article.


If you want to get rid of this error, then simply follow the below methods. It will help you how to resolve this issue:

Guide To Fix Internet Explorer Error


Method # 1: Download and Run Reimage Plus

Step 1: You need to download Reimage Plus software.

Step 2: After Downloading the software, run the software. It will scan the corrupted or missing files and will fix it to you.

Method # 2: How To Disable Amazon Plugin

Step 1: Open the “Internet Explorer” by pressing windows key and then typing internet explorer in the start search.


Step 2: In Internet Explorer, click on the “Tool” option and then select the “Manage Ads-on”.

Step 3: In Manage Ads-on window, you will see the “Amazon” plugin option. Just select it and then click on “Disable” button.

Step 4: After that, check the “res://aaResources.dll/104” is gone or not, as the extension is now disabled.

Method # 3: Performing A Clean Boot

Step 1: Open the run dialogue box by pressing windows+R key and then type “msconfig” and press enter key to execute.

Step 2: In system configuration window, click on the “Boot” tab.

Step 3: Check the “Safe boot” option located under “Boot option”.

Step 4: Then click on the “Apply” button to make changes and then restart your computer.

Step 5: After that, you will enter into safe mode. Try to uninstall Amazon assistant. Follow the below method 4 for uninstalling process.

If you are still facing problem in safe mode while uninstalling process, then follow the below steps:

Step 1: Open the “System configuration” by typing “ms-config” in the run dialogue box.

Step 2: In system configuration window, click on the “Services tab”.

Step 3: Check the option “Hide all Microsoft services”.

Step 4: After that, click on “Disable” button.

Step 5: Open the “taskbar” by clicking on “Start up” tab and then “open task manager” option.

Step 6: When the task manager window open, click on the “Start up” tab.

Step 7: Select one by one each start up item and then right click on it and “Disable” it.

Step 8: At last, close the application and restart your computer.

Step 9: After your computer boots up again, then uninstall the Amazon assistant by following the method # 4 below.

Method # 4: How To Uninstall Amazon Plugin

Step 1: Open the “control panel” and then select the “program and features” option.

Step 2: After that, select the “uninstall a program” option.

Step 3: From the list of programs, locate “Amazon 1buttonapp” and then select it. After that, click on “change” button.

Step 4: Click on “Remove” button and then select “next”.

Step 5: When the computer asks for permission, then click “Ok”.

Step 6: After that, the Amazon Plugin will be completely uninstalled.

We have share 4 methods in order to fix this error for you, hopefully by following the above methods, you will be able to fix this error. Also let us know in the comment section if you are facing any problem related to this post.

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