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Guide To Fix local Area Network Doesn’t have a Valid IP Address

Guide To Fix Local Area Network Doesn't have a valid ip address


Sometimes network connection gets disconnected and troubleshooter display a message that “local area network doesn’t have a valid IP address”. If you are facing such a problem, then don’t worry. In this tutorial we will provide a solution for this problem in simple methods. just follow this guide and you are good to go.

The problem occurs in many ways. Some of which are as follow:


Methods To Fix Network Issues:

Turn off the PC and then router or Modem. Turn on all the devices and then wait for the router or Modem to make stable connection. Also you need to disable Antivirus program if running on your computer. Because it might also cause problem like that. Then check it, if the computer is getting valid IP address or not. If the problem still persists, then proceed to next method.


Disable or Enable Network Adapter from window settings:

Press windows+R buttons and then type and press enter to open network connection windows. Right click on network adapter which is active and then Disable it. Restart your computer and again go to network settings by typing in Run. Enable the network Adapter which you have disabled before. This will work for you. Still if you are facing problem, then proceed to next method.

Changing Network Settings To Default Using Command Prompt:

Changing the settings to default may solve the problem. To do this, open the command prompt as administrator and type the following command carefully:

netsh winsock reset


netsh int ip reset

netcfg  -d

ipconfig  /release

ipconfig  /renew

ipconfig  /flushdns

ipconfig  /registerdns

After doing this, close the command prompt and restart your computer to make changes. Hope this action will resolve your network problem.

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