Guide to fix Windows 10 Audio Services Problem


This is a very common problem “Audio service not responding” which means that your Audio is unresponsive to your computer messages. These problem usually occurs when you upgrade your windows 10 and the drives are not updated to latest build.

In this tutorial we will guide you through simple solution to resolve this problem.


Guide to fix Audio Problem


Fix Windows 10 Audio Service Problem by Rebooting or restarting Audio

  1. To do this Press Windows+R, then type “services.msc”, Press enter to move to the next step.
  2. The services list will appear in this list navigate to “Windows Audio”. Then right click on it and restart it.
  3. After that click the entry again and select the “properties”. In properties set the Startup Type as “Automatic”. Then Click on Apply button.
  4. Go back to the services list and search for “Windows Audio Endpoint Builder”. Right click and select “Restart”. Then click on start button.
  5. Again Click on the entry and open its properties and then select the Startup type as “Automatic”. click on apply button to save changes.
  6. At last reboot your computer and check the audio service will work.

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