Guide to resolve the “Nvidia Share Not Responding”


With the new update of Windows 10 users are experiencing new problem with Nvidia Geforce when they turn on computer or Nvidia Geforce application with an error message of “Nvidia Share Not Responding”.

Never heard of Nvidia? Nvidia is a massive graphics card manufacturer for the gaming and professional markets. They also do some work in the mobile computing and automotive markets. It is expected that Nvidia will move into artificial intelligence as well.


Nvidia Geforce "share not responding"

Nvidia’s primary line of GPU products (GPU stands for Graphics Processing Units) is called “GeForce.”


“Nvidia Share” is a feature of the Geforce experience application which is called hardware-accelerated screen recording. Users can record, stream and share their gameplay with friends.

It is a popular feature that seems to work well. But lately it seems to be throwing errors.

In this tutorial you should follow the below simple methods to get rid of this problem.


Fix¬†“Nvidia Share Not Responding” Error in Windows

The solution to this problem is “Changing to a Default theme” through simple steps:

  1. To do that right on desktop anywhere and from pop-up menu select Personalize
  2. Then Click on Theme present at the left side of the screen. After that select Theme setting on the right side of the screen.
  3. From Theme settings select any of the default theme and select any theme from there.
  4. After that Apply changes and Reboot your computer.
  5. At last Turn off the Nvidia Share and then turn it on. The problem will not occur again.

Another thing to consider is to update the driver, if you have not updated it recently.

If you recently updated the driver and you are still seeing an error, consider doing a reinstallation, in case the upload did not occur properly or some sort of corruption occurred.

Did you find the information you were looking for in this tutorial article? Let us know if you are still struggling with the above mentioned error.

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