Fix Problem of “bluestacks won’t start” in Windows


Bluestacks is the platform on which you can run Android games and apps on your PC and Mac. It is the Android emulator which you can use it to run games in PCs. But sometimes an error saying “Bluestack won’t start” occurs and because of this error you are not able to run the android games and apps you want on your PCs.

With this error you are not able to use the Bluestacks platform. This error is very common and cannot be resolved by just restarting the Emulator or rebooting the PC.


Bluestack issues

Fix¬†Problem of “bluestacks won’t start” in Windows 8/10

In this tutorial we will guide you through simple steps how to resolve this issue. Just follow the below simple methods.


Some of the solutions to fix this error are updating the version of your windows 10 or installing the Bluestacks updates. One other issue that cause this error is your installed antivirus program.

If you have antivirus installed on your computer, try to turn it off and check if the emulator works or not.

If Bluestacks still won’t start, we have one more thing you can check before moving forward.


Solution to the problem is “Switch to DirectX and change RAM capacity”:

  1. Open the Bluestack applications
  2. Click on the option button located at the top right corner look like downwards arrow
  3. In options click on “settings”
  4. From there click “Engine” from the left pane and select “DirectX”
  5. Also change the core number from the drop down menu and try different RAM capacity settings and then at last click on restart Now.

Finally, it might make sense for you to uninstall and reinstall Bluestacks.

Still struggling with Bluestacks? We’d contact the developers at this point over at Bluestacks, or check Reddit forums to see if anyone else is also struggling to overcome this issue (that’s what we’d do).

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