Guide To Resolve The Problem of Windows 10 Scanning and Repairing Drive C Stuck


In windows 10 recent upgrade, the computer get stuck while performing the process of scanning and repairing Drive C: for a long time. The problem occurs due to system files get corrupted while windows 10 upgrade process. In this tutorial we will show you how to resolve this problem through simple methods. Just follow this guide.

Methods To Solve Windows 10 Scanning and Repairing Drive C Stuck:

Guide To Resolve the problem of windows 10 scanning and repairing Drive C Stuck


1.How To Boot into Safe Mode and Repair windows:

You need to boot into safe mode from installation media. To do that, insert bootable USB drive or DVD that contain windows 10 installation to computer. Then boot from installation media and you will see the option “Repair your computer” at the bottom of the screen. Just select this option and proceed.

In next step, select Troubleshoot->Advanced option->Choose to Startup settings->Restart and then press the hot key F4 to boot into safe mode and F5 key to enable safe mode with networking.


If still you are facing problem, then proceed to next method.

2. How To Disable Fast Startup Feature:

In this method all you need is to perform a simple task. When you boot into safe mode, open control panel               ->Hardware and Sound->power options->Change what the power Do->Change settings that are currently unavailable. Then under “Shutdown settings” Uncheck the option “Turn on fast start-up”.

If the problem still persists, then proceed to next method.


3. How To Run SFC Utility:

Run the command prompt with administrator and type the command sfc /scannow. After typing this command, wait for the process to complete. This command will scan system files and if found missing files, then it will restore them. Just wait for the process to complete.

4. How To Run DISM command:

After completing the SFC utility process and still the problem persist, then it means that SFC corrupt files or missing files in system files but was unable to fix it. In this situation, simply run the command prompt and run DISM command: DISM /Online /Clean-up-image /RestoreHealth. This command will repair system image and will allow sfc to do its job. Just wait for the process to complete.

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