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Guide To Unlock Bootloader and To install TWRP Recovery and Root any Android Device Using Fastboot Commands

Guide to unlock bootloader and install twrp recovery and root any android device


Android is an open source OS and you can play with it without any limitations. You can enjoy the new and latest version of Android on any Android smartphones. But the case might be different, Some Android like high-end smartphone get official update of that particular latest version of Android early and some smartphone wait for a long time. Some of them didn’t get the official update. Therefore, the Developers introduce a custom ROM which is an alternate way for those smartphones that cant get official update of that particular latest version of Android. The Unofficial custom ROM is based on that officially released version of Android. Therefore, you can enjoy all the features of Officially released latest version of Android with unofficial Custom ROM.

To install Custom ROM on any Android smartphone, you need to follow some pre-requirements. Which are as follow:

In this tutorial, we will guide you how to unlock bootloader on your device and how to install custom recovery and root your android device through simple methods. Just follow this article and you are good to go.


Methods To Unlock Bootloader Of Any Android Device:

Make sure that you have atleast 60-70% power back-up before starting the process.


                         adb reboot bootloader

                         fastboot devices

                        fastboot oem unlock


                        fastboot reboot

                       fastboot unlock-info

Finally, you are done and successful in unlocking Bootloader.

Methods To install TWRP Recovery and Root your Device:

How To install TWRP Recovery:

               fastboot flash recovery name of your smartphone-twrp.img

               e:g fastboot flash recovery oneplus2-twrp.img

                fastboot reboot

How To Root Your Device:

                 adb boot recovery

Congratzzz. You have successfully rooted your smartphone.

Let us know in the comment section if you are facing any problem related to this post.






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