Guide To Enable Dark Theme in Google Keyboard That Consume Less Battery


For android users, the google has introduced a new update for its google keyboard which include a new and outstanding feature. The new feature helps in extending your smartphone battery as you On the power saver on OLED screen automatically enable the dark mode. You need to link it with power saver mode in smartphone. When you turn On power saver on your smartphone, the feature will automatically enable dark mode.

The function of OLED screen is quite awesome, when power saver is On, they turn off pixels to represent black, by displaying dark colors. In this way the display consume the less battery.


You need to have the latest version of Gboard in order to avail the privileges of this new feature.

In this tutorial we will guide you through simple methods how to enable Dark theme in Google keyboard. As per google suggestions, you need to set the Dark theme On, when the power saver of your smartphone is On. Therefore, it will automatically turn On, when you enable the power saver of your smartphone. This is the smart way to save the battery of your phone which is much needed in smartphones.


Note: This feature only works, when your battery saver is turned On.

Guide To Enable Dark theme in Google Keyboard that consume less battery

Simple Methods To Enable Dark Theme on Google Board:

Step 1: To use this features, you should have the latest version of Gboard install on your smartphone or update the version from playstore.


Step 2: Now, you need to go to Gboard settings. You can access Gboard settings from app drawer or by opening Keyboard option.

Step 3: In preferences window, locate the “Layout” section. In “Layout” section, you will see the new option “Switch to the Dark theme in battery saver”. All you need is to enable it by tapping on the toggle.

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