How to Fix “this app cannot open” Error in Windows 10


A common issue that people face while using Windows 10 is ‘this app cannot open’. This issue may have a couple of solutions but there is an easy fix that will work for all of us. Most people faces this error when they first shift to windows 10.

this app cannot open windows 10 error


Solutions for this error are in plenty but a huge number of them are a hit or miss. You cannot easily evade stumbling upon an error in windows 10 and ‘this app cannot open’ is just another error that can be corrected by following two simple steps in your system. I have tested this on my own and on a friend’s laptop with similar issues and it worked.

Steps to Fix this app cannot open Error in Windows 10



Press ‘Windows key + R’ on your keyboard and then run ‘secpol.msc’.


Once the local security policy opens, navigate to the ‘local policies’ directory and select ‘security options’. When you get here you have to scroll to the bottom where you will locate the following policy ‘User Account Control: Admin Approval Mode for the Built-in Administrator account’. You will find that this option is disabled, by default, hence by double clicking on this policy, you have to change the option to ‘enabled’.



Press the Windows key + S and then search for ‘UAC’ to display ‘User Account Control settings’.


Lower the knob to the very bottom to the ‘Never Notify’ option. Immediately you have accomplished that, press OK and reboot the system.

After the system has restarted, go back on the OS to confirm if it worked by running a native metro app such as Mail, Edge or Alarm. You will ultimately identify that the error is not as unwieldy as most people make it out to be.

That’s it.

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