How to Uninstall Reshade from PUBG in Windows


PUBG is the most popular game on Steam. It is based on battle royale mode where players compete with each other until only one survives. If you want to uninstall Reshade from PlayersUnknown’s Battleground in Windows, then follow this tutorial.

PUBG Windows


Guide to Un-Install Reshade from PUBG

If you are of the opinion that uninstalling the reshade makes the game look good, follow these simple steps to make it happen.

Uninstall Reshade from PUBG Windows


Uninstalling Reshade

  1. Open your steam library.
  2. Right-click PUBG and then click on ‘properties’.
  3. Go to local files then select ‘browse local files’ option.
  4. TslGame> Binaries > WIN64, Then delete the ‘reshade-shaders’ folder, bgprimary, bg secondary and cookies as well as the PUBG and both the dxgi files.
  5. Now you have to go to the local files again and verify the integrity of game files.
  6. Once the process is complete, you can run your game.

That’s it. This is the easiest method to uninstall share from PUBG in Windows.

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